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Facility Assessment Creates Customized Work Plan for Town of Normal

Farnsworth Group provided incredible value through a facilities audit of 11 buildings for the Town of Normal that completed two weeks early and finished $19,000 under the estimated budget. The significant savings were due to efficiencies in the Farnsworth Group assessment and the use of the town’s maintenance staff to assist in the effort. Farnsworth Group was able to meet the town’s objectives by working with them to create a customized work plan. This program most recently extended to an audit of the Broadview Mansion in October 2015.

The project included two main tasks: a facility condition assessment 
(FCA) and an energy audit of each location. The FCAs were direct surveys of major building systems as defined by ISO 55000, industry standards, and the Town’s requested scope. Our Team provided training for facilities staff covering how to conduct a consistent survey and rate equipment, as well as how to apply industry standard equipment and system breakdowns represented in ASTM Uniformat.  

The energy assessments followed the industry standard audit approach, as described by ASHRAE for a Level 1 Energy Audit.  The deliverable focused on savings potential across all properties, rather than for a specific building. To validate and compile data, the team coordinated with facility staff and conducted one site visit per building. The facility staff accompanied the team during each inspection, which allowed access throughout each facility and supported the overall effort. Also, at that time, the Town of Normal’s staff conveyed building specifics, such as recent updates, reoccurring issues, occupant comfort complaints, room or area utilization, and areas of concern.  

The input from the town staff’s involvement increased the efficiency and accuracy of the report, in addition to training them in skills employed by Farnsworth Group’s team.