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Pavement Management System Implementation for the FBI

Farnsworth Group teamed with CINNOVAS Development Group to facilitate full implementation of a pavement sustainment management system at the FBI Academy.  The objective of this effort was to conduct a Pavement Condition Index (PCI) inspection of the current managed roadway and parking lot pavements and to develop the MicroPAVER™ Pavement Management System (PMS) database.

The implementation of MicroPAVER™ for the FBI was a first for the agency, who had no prior experience with a pavement management system.  Farnsworth Group’s implementation of the system allowed them to forecast for, and carefully allocate and prioritize, scarce fiscal resources needed to maintain their extensive roadway network.  With the FBI Academy conducting critical training in all facets of law enforcement, including the Tactical and Emergency Vehicle Operations Center, good pavement is an essential requirement. Farnsworth Group’s work ensured the continued viability of this critical training infrastructure while identifying the best maintenance and rehabilitation plans to optimize the use of funding.