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AT&T Willard

Reroute of AT&T Cables Allows for Expansion

Farnsworth group conducted a comprehensive survey AND DESIGN SOLUTION TO IDENTIFY AT&T cables that could conflict with a STATE HIGHWAY EXPANSION PROJECT.

Farnsworth Group was selected by AT&T to analyze any possible conflict of AT&T cables with a Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) highway expansion project from Interstate-44 to Willard, MO. The project also included identification of pothole AT&T cables in questionable conflict and to design a reroute for AT&T facilities and cables in conflict with the MODOT project. The project stretched 6.3 miles on Highway 160 in Willard.

To gather the required data, a Farnsworth Group engineer and professional land surveyor walked the length of the project using a line locator to determine utility location and check depth of cover.

Farnsworth Group uploaded all field data into CAD for MoDOT, and then determined areas of possible conflict. After obtaining all necessary permits, Farnsworth Group, by means of a subcontractor, potholed areas in question to know the exact depth of cables crossing underneath the highway. The information retrieved from line locating and potholing was shared with the client and MODOT as it pertained to them.

With the field and pothole data collected and analyzed, Farnsworth Group drafted construction plans for the reroute of AT&T fiber optic and copper lines which included design for reconnecting service lines to homes and businesses, placing new handholes, placing pedestals, and correcting AT&T records.