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How we work Farnsworth Group

How We Work

We Deliver

We listen, understand, and adapt to deliver the engineering and architecture projects our clients need.

At Farnsworth Group, our process is based in understanding — understanding of design and engineering, of who our clients are, and of how they do business. We listen hard, reading between the lines to identify the needs our clients articulate, and those that lie beneath the surface.

Communication is vital to a project’s success, and we are committed to responsiveness and transparency every day, from day one forward. The team our clients meet at the outset of a project is the same team that is present and available on a day-to-day basis — including our firm’s principals. Our team genuinely cares about the people they work with, and that helps us build relationships that thrive from one project to the next.

We never ask clients to adapt to our methodology. Instead, we get to know the way client teams work and adjust our own processes to maximize collaboration and understanding throughout the life of a project. Our process isn’t about over-designing or creating projects to fuel our own egos; it’s about identifying our clients’ unique needs and delivering real value.