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Wind Farm with Farnsworth Truck


Renewable energy is nothing new, and Farnsworth Group is not new to renewable energy. Farnsworth Group is helping clients nationwide determine and evaluate renewable energy opportunities. Whether it’s helping site a single tower or a large wind farm spanning thousands of acres in multiple counties, installing a single wind turbine to power a small grade school, or implementing new solar panels to capture energy from the sun, Farnsworth Group can recommend the best alternative to help clients see the immediate impact our natural resources can have on energy costs.

Need a survey done quickly on a newly acquired section of land? We can do that. Need someone to research zoning requirements for a wind farm project in a new state? We can do that. Need quality construction documents on a tight schedule? We can do that, too. In short, we see our role as an integral team member bringing expertise and advice while operating with your project’s needs and bottom line in mind.

Let Farnsworth Group keep your project moving forward.

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