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Farnsworth Group’s culture of design embraces the creative spirit and encourages a collaborative working environment. We empower our employees to be 'lateral thinkers' by challenging traditional idioms with new ideas. This environment fosters a proactive design process that is inspired by fresh perspectives on real world issues.

Greg  StraubDirector of Design


Architecture is the art of composing spaces that respond to environmental conditions and address a client's needs.  We strive to create places that enrich how people live, work and play.

We are not vendors of fashionable trends, but believe that good design defines our environment because truly innovative design is a source of inspiration to those who encounter it every day. We understand the impact our architecture can have on a community ... or a business ... or a person's life. Our work is more than just a project. It's the opportunity to make something better ... a better school, a better industrial process, a better shopping experience, a better healthcare facility.

 At Farnsworth Group, we thoughtfully consider all the functional building needs and wants of our clients. We carefully work within the confines of their project budgets and schedules. And we create with them noble expressions of architecture that are a source of timeless pride and satisfaction for all who experience them.

  • Master planning, visioning and placemaking

  • Architectural design and project administration

  • Site planning, entitlements and landscape architecture

  • Existing facility analysis

  • Sustainable design and building envelope analysis


/ For more information regarding architecture, contact cjennison [at] (Caius Jennison.)