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Farnsworth Group's Plumbing Engineering section designs innovative building systems that are compatible with the most creative architectural structures and still meets the client's high expectations.

Farnsworth Group’s Plumbing Engineering Section is comprised of two separate disciplines, plumbing and fire protection. We work in concert with the other disciplines in a team approach to make the client’s project come to life within their budget.

Having an in-house plumbing service allows us to maintain our client's intention of a single project with several components.

Our project engineers and designers have the latest technology and information to ensure that the client’s project has the most cost effective and energy efficient system and equipment.

Our project engineers and designers engage in a wide variety of projects in such market sectors as educational, commercial, institutional, healthcare, criminal justice, municipal, industrial, and government.

In the plumbing discipline, our engineers and designers are responsible for the design of code compliant plumbing, special waste, storm, medical-gas, natural gas, and industrial gas systems.

In the fire protection discipline, our engineers and designers are responsible for the design of wet-pipe, dry-pipe, clean agent, dual agent, and specialized type fire protection systems.

Areas of Expertise

  • Domestic water systems
  • Waste & vent systems
  • Specialized waste and vent systems
  • Storm water systems
  • Natural gas
  • Medical gas
  • Compressed air
  • Wet type fire protection systems
  • Dry type fire protection systems
  • Pre-action systems
  • Clean agent fire suppression systems
  • Dual agent fire suppression systems


/ For more information regarding plumbing engineering, contact tkiefer [at] (Tim Kiefer PE.)target="_blank" title="E-mail tkiefer [at]"

Plumbing Engineering