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Boulder Parking Garage

10-Year Work Plan to Guide Investment Strategy

Using BUILDER™ Sustainment Management System (SMS) and its companion BUILDER® Rapid Entry Database (BRED) collection tool, Farnsworth Group collected inventory information for components across all major building systems in 5 City-owned parking structures, some including office and retail space. Farnsworth Group provided accurate condition assessment ratings, detailed deficiency narrative and photo documentation, and recommendations and estimates of probable cost to ameliorate reliability, hazard/safety, and code compliance deficiencies. Rigorous data quality control ensured consistency, objectivity, and accuracy throughout the project.

Using the inventory and assessment data stored in BUILDER™ SMS, Farnsworth Group developed a 10-year work plan to help guide Boulder’s facility investment strategy. BUILDER™ SMS work planning parameters, used to generate work items based on condition or remaining service life, along with a multi-objective prioritization scheme, were developed in consultation with the City of Boulder to ensure work plans were compliant with the City’s management & sustainability goals.