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CDOT Snow Shed
CDOT Snow Shed

3D Scanning Used for Snow Shed Tunnel Improvements

As a teaming partner of Fehr & Peers (CDOT Region 3 and 5 Traffic NPS), Farnsworth Group managed spatial imaging and scanning of the snow shed tunnel located on US Highway 550 along Red Mountain Pass. 

Our team mapped the tunnel using a Trimble 3D scanning total station. Project control was established outside of the structure and scanning targets were placed on the interior structure for collecting high-density 3D scan data.

The scanning technology allows for true high-speed 3D scans providing high level measurements, high quality resolution imagery, and point cloud extraction. This project was the first of its kind in the Region and was a true test of the technology and its application for future projects. Our deliverables for the project included 2D CAD topographic planimetric drawings, scanning images and 3D digital terrain model.

video courtesy of Vectors, Inc.