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OTC Aquatic Center

Aquatic Center HVAC Upgrades

Our project included a study of the existing pool operation success’s and opportunities for improvement and included the upgrade of the existing HVAC systems for the Natatorium.

The primary purpose of the upgrade was to replace the existing systems that had exceeded their expected useful life with new more reliable systems that will perform effectively for another 20 years. The new HVAC systems included the replacement of two air handlers and controls to provide better control of the indoor environment including temperature, humidity, and indoor air quality. The ventilation distribution was also upgraded to provide better ventilation at the surface of the pool and in under-served locations to improve the overall indoor air quality.

Through the energy audit and retro-commissioning phases the team made real-time, small, low cost-no cost, adjustments to the systems and tested the results to determine the best path forward to develop a well thought out basis of design for the capital improvement project.