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CU Boulder VAC Exterior

Art Collection Displayed and Stored in Comfort

Ability to procure a critical future exhibit hung on the line for the University of Colorado at Boulder’s Visual Arts Center Museum.  Since construction in 2011, the museum was experiencing comfort and humidity issues.  In 2014, the University hired Farnsworth Group to investigate the building through a retro-commissioning process.

Tasked to discover potential issues with the original design, control sequences, humidification system and identify the cause of water damage, Farnsworth Group submitted its report in early 2015.  The report identified 12 key deficiencies that required attention.

During the next phase of the project, design and corrective action, our team worked closely with the University’s administration, exhibition manager, facilities group and original design team and contractors to implement project corrections.  Ultimately these actions met with success as the Museum was selected to receive and open a Shakespeare exhibit:  First Folio! The Book That Gave Us Shakespeare.

Additional features include:

  • Process identified key deficiencies and enhancements for building’s operational performance.
  • Served as both a design reviewer and construction administrator through the revised design and implementation process, ultimately working with the original designers and contractors.
  • Art collection remained in the building during renovation and humidity and air control remained a constant.  This saved the costs of relocating the collection.