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Energy Conservation at a Semiconductor Fab

This aging semiconductor fab was fighting to remain viable in the face of offshore competition, energy cost reduction provided one path to remain viable in the marketplace.

Farnsworth Group served as the defacto in-house energy engineer.  All significant site energy-consuming systems were evaluated for opportunities for performance improvement and energy conservation.  The project began with an audit of all major process and mechanical equipment.  Energy conservation measures from no cost and low cost measures like simple sequence of operation or set-point changes, up to capital projects like the installation of energy recovery systems, were proposed and prioritized.

Other notable details include:

  • All major energy consuming systems were audited and analyzed
  • Systems included process cooling water, make-up air, clean room envelope, scrubbed exhaust, chilled water, and heating water.
  • Farnsworth Group collaborated with the Owner’s facilities team to evaluate feasibility and risk for the implementation of energy conservation measures.