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CDB Joliet Crime Lab

Illinois State Police Forensic Science Laboratory Renovation

Multi-phased replacement of this two-story Crime Laboratory Building's HVAC system in its entirety.

Farnsworth Group was hired to design the multi-phased replacement of this two-story lab building's HVAC system in its entirety.  A new grade-mounted, air-cooled condensing unit will serve variable air volume (VAV) terminals throughout the building.  Two high-efficiency condensing boilers with 1000 MBH input will replace existing boilers, and two inline 150 gpm hot water pumps will provide hot water to VAV reheat coils, fin-tube radiators, and mechanical room unit heaters.  A direct-digital control system will be provided throughout the building.

Ceiling-mounted air-conditioning units with roof-mounted condensing units will supplement additional heat output from lab equipment.

General exhaust fans will be replaced with new units.  Lab fume hood exhaust will be served by four variable speed, high-velocity plume exhaust fans at each quadrant of the roof.  Existing roof penetrations will be utilized to connect fume hood ductwork to aluminum ductwork exposed above the roof.

Conditioned makeup air will be supplied to lab rooms by four VAV rooftop units with gas heat and DX cooling supplying neutral temperature air.  Lab room pressure control will be accomplished by venturi-type air valves.  Supply air valves will be furnished with hot water reheat coils for temperature control.