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Procurement Strategy Drives Reduced Construction Costs

A new UPW system was designed to support a new research and development fab in the United States.

Farnsworth Group, working as a subconsultant to the prime A/E firm, performed ultrapure water engineering for new UPW, hot UPW and DI reclaim systems serving a total of 112,000 SF of cleanroom space for a global microelectronics manufacturer. Scope included verification of assumptions, design criteria development, space planning, utility planning, cost estimating support, specifications and scope for UPW vendor procurement, vendor RFP, bidding phase services, distribution loop design, and management of the UPW vendor scope.

Other notable details include:

  • In order to reduce construction costs, Farnsworth Group drove the procurement strategy which ensured that each partner (the UPW vendor, the construction subcontractors and the design team) was scoped to provide maximum value at the minimum cost, all while mitigating and managing risk.  This cost saving approach saved roughly 25% when compared to a turnkey delivery.
  • Optimized ultrapure water (UPW) plant capacity and future flexibility to serve current and future demands.