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prairie waters

Survey Support for 35 Mile Water Conveyance System

Farnworth Group provided GIS and surveying support for the design of 35 miles of 60-inch pipeline; three pumping stations; source development of six-square-mile water campus with over 19-miles of variable size pipelines, including a 390-acre aquifer recharge and recovery site; a treatment site near Aurora Reservoir; boundary survey of five, fee-owned sites; and a six-mile long blended water pipeline. Provided a first order control network on multiple coordinate systems.

Farnsworth Group also provided topographic surveys with more than 700 utility crossings investigated, right-of-way establishment, creation of more than 500 individual property, easement, or license descriptions with exhibits, subdivision plats, five property surveys, six survey control diagrams, and various support to GIS, permitting, geotechnical, and environmental consultants.