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Caterpillar Trail Public Water District Treatment Plant

Caterpillar Trail Public Water District Treatment Plant Project Spotlight

Recently, a thunderstorm rolled through Peoria, IL, unleashing a lightning strike that severely damaged the communications and controls at the Caterpillar Trail Public Water District's Water Treatment Plant. Farnsworth Group's dedicated SCADA and controls engineers were called to help as the damage threatened to disrupt operations. Within an hour, they were on-site, assessing the damage and working tirelessly against the clock. By the end of the day, they had restored manual operations and devised a swift workaround for automatic operation, ensuring the plant continued to operate seamlessly. With the capacity to handle up to 2.5 million gallons of water daily, the plant's uninterrupted service was crucial to the District's customers. 

Thanks to our team's rapid response and innovative problem-solving skills, customers did not experience any disruption to their water supply. This incident is just one chapter in our long-standing relationship with Caterpillar Trail Public Water District. Since 1999, Farnsworth Group has been a trusted partner, guiding the District's planning, design, and construction to provide its customers with a safe and reliable water system.