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Aggressive Survey Schedule to Support Design

Farnsworth Group began this project by supplying an aerial map with supplemental surveys to support the design for the reconstruction of Marksheffel Road from Link Road to SH 24 through the project’s first phase. During the second phase, our team provided supplemental design survey, utility surveys (including potholing), ownership determination, right-of-way plans, exhibits and legal descriptions.

Though this project was handled by El Paso County, it was a collaboration between the County, City of Colorado Springs, and the Colorado Department of Transportation. Having political ramifications, the project schedule was aggressive. Farnsworth Group had to work closely with all entities throughout the project, this encouraged staying on schedule, team communications, and providing accurate surveys and right-of-way plans. It also required Farnsworth Group to be able to process and make changes quickly as revisions of the project occurred. All this was accomplished within the current budget/schedule and the construction of the project was completed. 


Additional features include:

  •  Worked with the County directly to expedite the right-of-way process and provided appropriate legal descriptions and exhibits.

  • Worked directly with some of the utility companies to accommodate the relocation of their lines (gas, water, sewer, etc.).