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ALTA Survey

Collaborative Services Lead to Project Success

Farnsworth Group provided civil engineering and survey services as a subconsultant to the prime. Hewlett-Packard needed to separate the Building 5 lot from their main campus. Our team worked closely with the City of Fort Collins and Hewlett-Packard Enterprise to complete all tasks in a timely manner.

Farnsworth Group Survey provided two ALTA/NSPS Land Title Surveys, a new subdivision plat, two (2) off-site easements and a topographic design survey for the division of the Fort Collins Hewlett-Packard campus into two individual lots and the division of previously shared site facilities. Farnsworth Group completed an entire site ALTA to determine utilities, parking, and access that would be required to meet code and zoning requirements, which was then used to identify how the original lot could be split.

A formal subdivision plat was then processed by the City of Fort Collins to create two individual lots. Additionally, new easements were required to divide previously shared campus-wide electric lines. The second ALTA has been used to facilitate the sale of a portion of the campus.

Our civil engineering services included a building permit submittal and a domestic water service submittal through the City of Fort Collins Water Utilities Engineering Department. The building permit submittal was related to the subdivision replat and a mechanical room addition to Building 5. Farnsworth Group Civil Engineers prepared site exhibits delineating the new lot boundaries and associated parking counts for each separate lot. The water service package included the design of a 4-inch diameter HDPE domestic waterline and associated water meter. The new water service included a tap into an existing 10-inch City main as well as a new 3-inch water meter and backflow preventer. Our engineers prepared construction drawings and specifications for both civil packages and provided construction administration services.

Farnsworth Group worked closely with Hewlett-Packard Enterprise to meet a demanding property sale schedule and to complete multiple time sensitive document revisions, as required by the buyer and buyer’s title company.