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Cheyenne Prairie Generating Station

Design and Gas Services Provided to Cheyenne Prairie Generating Station

Farnsworth Group was selected to provide design services to provide gas service to Black Hills Corporation’s new Cheyenne Prairie Generating Station, which will serve Cheyenne Light, Fuel, and Power (CLFP) and additional utilities in Wyoming.

This design included approximately 4 miles of 12" pipe, 12" hot trap side valve, pig launcher, pig receiver, condensate drip, 8" Ultrasonic meter setting with low flow rotary meter and automatic run switching, 8" volumetric control valve setting. 12" check meter, associated buildings, communication equipment, and electronic flow measurement. Based on a rough pipeline route, a Farnsworth Group survey crew performed the preliminary survey, collecting the topographic data required for design, as well as all the boundary information required for easement preparation. Using the topographic survey data, Farnsworth Group prepared detailed design drawings, horizontal directional drill designs, construction workspace drawings, land easements and environmental drawings.

Farnsworth Group worked closely with the local land agent to provide needed sketched and design drawings, in addition to the land easements, for land owner negotiations. Concerns from land owners were addressed with design changes leading up to construction, including the addition of two horizontal directional drills. Farnsworth Group also provided on-site construction engineering for the directional drills.

Farnsworth Group provided project management throughout the duration of the project, including initial permitting coordination, land acquisition process, acquiring the material, bidding the project, managing the construction schedule and budget, and ultimately project close out. Farnsworth Group's survey team was instrumental in the success of the project by providing the topographic survey, environmental staking, construction staking and the as-built survey.