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Downtown Streetscape Improves Safety

The Effingham Downtown Streetscape project preserves the culture and improves the safety of the downtown area by enhancing landscaping, updating lighting, improving crosswalks, repairing sidewalks and making sidewalk ramps PROWAG/ADA compliant. 

This project was initiated and funded in part due to nearly $700,000 of Illinois Transportation Enhancement Program (ITEP) Funds and additional Local TIF Funds. The improvements provide greater pedestrian safety and enhance the beauty of the downtown streetscape, benefiting the adjacent businesses, residents and the City.

Existing street and pedestrian lighting was replaced and upgraded with new light poles and fixtures. Taller street lights are located at the intersections, while shorter, decorative pedestrian lights are located along the mid block locations. The streets lights are designed to include planting baskets, banner arms and flag pole accommodations. Existing landscaping areas were upgraded to beautify and enhance the downtown area. Three different types of planting areas are utilized in the planting scheme. The planting types vary by type of planting, as well as include a mix of planting areas with and without trees.  Existing sidewalk and sidewalk ramps were replaced and upgraded to be in compliance with the PROWAG and ADA guidelines. Crosswalks, along with stop bars and pavement marking symbols, were replaced in conjunction with the replaced sidewalk ramps.