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HillTopper Wind Farm Logan County, Illinois

HillTopper Wind Farm in Logan County, Illinois

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Farnsworth Group provided surveying, transportation engineering site design, and permitting services for the 148 MW HillTopper Wind Farm consisting of 74 turbines and 4 miles of external transmission lines.  Design services included evaluating 11 miles of county highway and 40 miles of township roadways with 29 miles of roadway strengthened and widened.

Surveying services for HillTopper Wind Farm project included:

  • Project site exhibits for zoning board meetings, conditional use permit meetings and Logan County Board meetings
  • Road use agreement support
  • Title commitment review
  • Section corner locations
  • Plotting of parcels
  • Online interactive project map with live links to project documents
  • Lease exhibits
  • Easement exhibits and descriptions for transmission line
  • Staking of preliminary access roads and turbine layout for soil borings and archeological studies
  • Pre-Construction ALTA Survey
  • Roadway right-of-way exhibits and legal descriptions
  • Construction staking of all public turning radii, private access roads, turbines, collection line road crossings, transmission line towers and sub-station and point of interconnect control points
  • Locating disturbed areas/crop damage after construction
  • Existing utility crossing list for utility agreements
  • Exhibits and legal descriptions for ComEd tower line crossing easements
  • Final ALTA survey

 Transportation and site services for HillTopper Wind Farm project included:

  • Base map development
  • Assisted with road use agreement development
  • Transportation plan development
  • County and township highway evaluations (including drainage)
  • Pre-construction public roadway condition survey
  • Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA) report
  • State highway, county highway, and township roadway permit applications
  • Railroad permit applications
  • Coordination with railroad related to crossing improvements
  • Coordination with IL Department of Natural Resources and the Army Corps of Engineers
  • Utility relocation coordination
  • Coordination meetings with road authorities
  • Project meetings
  • County highway and township roadway intersection improvement plans
  • Township roadway improvement plans - strengthening and widening including drainage
  • Private access road design including drainage
  • Turbine site designs
  • Lay down yard design and grading plans
  • 2D hydraulic site analysis
  • Crane routing plans
  • Site, private and public roadway bill of quantities
  • Site, private and public roadway technical specifications
  • Spill prevention, control and countermeasures plan (SPCC)
  • Limited construction administration and support