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Front door

Licensed Skilled Nursing Facility Replaces Out-of-Date Complex

The ninety bed licensed skilled nursing facility is built on a green field site adjacent to the hospital in Pontiac, Illinois. The complex replaces the out-of-date Livingston Manor that was located on Old Route 66 which was the county nursing home.

The building has four components: long-term care, rehabilitation care, memory support and administrative services. The administrative services wing includes offices, an outpatient therapy unit, 100 seat dining room, commercial kitchen, commercial laundry, and activity areas.

Each of the three licensed wings have a shared lounge, open design nursing station, clean and soiled utility rooms, nurses lounge accommodations, special care/isolation room, a central shower/tub room, storage, and access to a landscaped patio. Forty-percent of the patient room are single occupancy with private bathrooms. The balance of the remaining patient rooms are single occupancy. Full bathroom units are shared by two contiguous single occupant bedrooms.