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Aerial Cabling

Project Renews Aerial Cable Lines

a Global telecommunications company selected Farnsworth Group to design removal of approximately 1,000 feet of aerial cable, removing old utility poles, and placing new cables on newly-placed electric power line poles.

Farnsworth Group engineers visited the site and collected information about the poles, anchors, guys, leads, distance between poles and the azimuths of the cables going from one pole to another. Pictures of each utility pole were taken with an O’Calc measurement stick that was used to find attachment heights of all facilities attached to the electric pole. O’Calc was used to perform structural analysis on each new pole to verify that the structural integrity of the pole would not be compromised when the company's utility lines would be attached. Design of the cable attachment, anchors and guys were derived from the analysis of the O’Calc software.

Engineering workprints were created for the client's project manager as well as structural analysis reports provided for each pole.