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Savoy Storwmater Master Plan 1

Savoy Stormwater Master Plan

In 2020, Farnsworth Group was hired by the Village of Savoy, Illinois to create a Stormwater Master Plan. The primary goal of the plan was to be a practical tool for the Village to identify and prepare for improvement projects. The plan included:

  • Taking inventory of drainage maps, storm sewer maps, planning documents and converting to electronic files
  • Performing field surveys of storm sewer system
  • Identifying major drainageways throughout the Village and major regional detention facilities within the Village
  • Understanding drainage issues within each subdivision and part of the Village
  • Hosting a drainage open house and online survey to hear from residents about the drainage issues they experience
  • Compiling a list of improvements in the form of policy changes, management tools, communication tools for Homeowner’s Associations and capital improvement projects
  • Integrating all research and solutions into a Management Plan for the Village’s use

The Stormwater Master Plan provides the Village with two key, practical items: a map showing drainageways, detention facilities, and problem areas; and a prioritized list of improvements for the Village to implement as time and budget allows.