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Water Resources

Protecting people and protecting water are the two guiding principles of FARNSWORTH GROUP'S WATER RESOURCES ENGINEERS.

Farnsworth Group protects infrastructure from flooding and erosion by creating multi-functional designs that provide societal and ecological benefits.  We are committed to the future of water resources through multi-faceted sustainable design, surface water analysis, along with traditional stormwater design. 

  1. Sustainable and Ecological Design 
    - Stream Restoration 
    - Streambank Stabilization 
    - Green Infrastructure Design 
    - Stormwater Wetland Design 
  2. Stormwater Infrastructure Design 
    - Stormwater Management 
    - Flood Mitigation through Park Amenities and Naturalized Basins 
    - Storm Sewer Design 
  3. Surface Water Modeling and Mapping
    - Hydrologic and Hydraulic Analysis 
    - FEMA Floodplain / Floodway Revisions 
    - Drainage Investigations and Master Planning
    - Community Rating System (CRS)

/ For more information regarding water resources, contact nfinlen [at] (Neil Finlen, PE.)target="_blank" title="Neil Finlen"