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Seamless Solution for Two Owners

This project was completed in two phases.  Initially the Core aNd Shell Building was completed in 2012 and then donated to the University for Tenant Improvements.  The building includes six floors of surgical operating rooms, support spaces, clinical space, exam rooms, outpatient medical service, office and educational facilities.

Farnsworth Group served as a single point of contact throughout both phases of the project.  While design teams and consultants changed, Farnsworth Group was the common thread to ensure that owner and LEED goals were met or exceeded. 

Our team also provided training of the UCLA Operations and Maintenance staff and was up to date on the systems that were initially turned over to them.  A robust systems manual provided the guidance pertaining to the as-built conditions of the Core and Shell Building.  And later guidance in operating the systems during the Tenant Improvement phase. 

Additional features include: 

  • Commissioning tasks included those required for fundamental and enhanced commissioning
  • The project targeted LEED Silver but was able to achieve Platinum upon completion
  • Above and beyond the typical scope of work, Farnsworth Group instructed UCLA staff on the systems and conducted a full training regimen to bring the new owner up-to-speed.
  • Throughout the design, energy simulations were performed to maximize the efficiency of the building while also meeting the campus’s stringent goal of 20% better than code requirements. 
  • The project is located on the UCLA campus. UCLA provided the land and capitol infrastructure connections, but a donor constructed and donated the building.

The Farnsworth Group team has demonstrated professionalism and a dedication to quality, and they have fostered positive collaboration among the various design and construction participants....I have been impressed with their work at UCLA on a demanding and complex project.

Todd Lynch, AIA, LEED AP BD+CPrincipal Project pLANNER, ucla cAPITAL pROGRAM