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banner elementary addition
Banner Elementary

Six-Classroom Addition at Banner Elementary School

Farnsworth Group was hired by Dunlap Schools to complete a six classroom addition at Banner Elementary and HVAC system upgrade. This addition serves children in kindergarten through first grade and provides an expanded central gathering space for larger group activities.

A chilled water air conditioning system was added to serve existing classrooms and the cafeteria, as well as the addition. The system included a 110 ton air cooled electric water chiller installed outside the building, water distribution pumps in the boiler room, and new, up-sized supply and return piping for distribution throughout the classrooms. New unit ventilators were provided in each classroom. Each new unit ventilator contained a cooling coil, heating coil, heating control valve, cooling control valve, outside damper, face and bypass damper, and electronic controls connected to a remote room sensor. A new unit ventilator in the cafeteria was piped as well.

The new chiller system also provides individual temperature control at each room and provides better humidity control than a DX coil system.