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Street Improvements for Cooperating Agencies

Farnsworth Group was chosen to provide Phase II design, and Phase III construction services for the improvements to First Street in Champaign, IL. This project is located on the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign campus and is a cooperative project between the City of Champaign and the University of Illinois.

Phase II services for this project consist of the reconstruction of approximately 1,000 feet of First Street from Gregory Drive to Peabody Drive and includes improvements to sidewalk, lighting, and appurtenances along 1,200 feet of First Street from Peabody Drive to Kirby Avenue. Other project tasks include bike lane design, storm sewer design, lighting design, bus stop location upgrades, public meetings, and user agency coordination.

Phase III services for this project consist of construction administration and construction observation. Other project tasks include construction survey, coordination with contractors and user agencies, review of shop drawings, preparation of pay estimates, preparation of change orders, and preparation and coordination of documentation with IDOT.