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Florence, Water Treatment Plant
Florence, Water Treatment Plant

Upgrades Improve Quality, Capacity and Taste

The City of Florence was struggling to meet pending regulations with their aging upflow clarification package units at two existing plants under widely fluctuating raw water conditions. Our team first analyzed both plants and then determined that the most effective solution involved expansion and upgrades to one plant and abandonment of the smaller, older plant.

Pilot studies were performed to aid in the selection of the best treatment solution. A dissolved air flotation process was selected for clarification, with conventional dual medial filters for filtration. The project also included upgrades to the chemical feed systems, wash water lagoons, sludge drying pads, finished water pump station and the overall plant control software. 

These improvements brought the final capacity from 3 to 6 MGD with capability for future expansion to 9 MGD.

Additional features include:

  • Final project meets all current standards, has eliminated the color, taste and odor concerns
  • Due to soil conditions and the potential for high swelling, several of the structures were supported on drilled piers