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Peoria Civic Center
Peoria Civic Center 2
Peoria Civic Center Seating

Upgrades to Civic Center Keeps Things Rockin'

Farnsworth Group has completed renovations and upgrades to the Peoria Civic Center - one of the largest in downstate Illinois - including work on its basketball arena, performance arts theater and energy studies of the entire complex.

Hockey at the Peoria Civic Center Arena

Arena Seating

Farnsworth Group designed comprehensive seating replacement project for the largest arena in the Greater Peoria Area with a capacity of 11,500 seats. The project included reconfiguration of selected premium-price seating areas together with the replacement of all seats with new, more comfortable units. Sightlines, material and color choices, and add-on features were all studied during the design process. As this project was funded by a State of Illinois DCEO grant, grant administration and reporting services were also provided.

Theater Acoustic Study

To improve sound in the 2,244 seat performing arts theater, Farnsworth Group completed a comprehensive acoustical study to assist in the selection of a technologically advanced sound system. The work was completed using the EASE (Enhanced Acoustic Simulations for Engineers) virtual acoustic software with reports that included AURA simulations, RT times, loudspeaker interactions, clarity and intelligibility, and enhanced acoustical treatment recommendations. 

Energy Study

Farnsworth Group provided retro-commissioning and energy conservation services for the entire Civic Center complex. The survey included all existing mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems for this 1 million SF facility. The retro-commissioning action plan focused on energy conservation measures with a projected payback of 18 months or less, based on reduced electrical consumption.