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The REC - Fairview Heights Rec Center
The REC - Fairview Heights Rec Center
The REC - Fairview Heights Rec Center

Community-based Multi-use Recreation Complex

To create a major community space to bring people together for fitness, sports and recreation, the City of Fairview Heights, IL, hired Farnsworth Group to design a state-of-the art recreation center to serve its residents both young and old alike.

The multi-use facility contains a gymnasium, leisure and competitive/instructional indoor aquatic facility, fitness and free weights area, child watch, multi-purpose, fitness rooms and a climbing area.  The floor plan features an open layout with visual transparency between activity areas.  The elevated walking track and fitness areas will be on the second floor overlooking the playing courts and the aquatics area.  

Exterior design features modern forms which create mass and void contrast between solid materials and large expanses of glass.  The design is open to the outside, inviting and will serve as an anchor for the west end of the city.

The Mayor wanted something iconic; something different; something that's not like the other ones around town. Find out what makes The Rec Complex of Fairview Heights an iconic facility design.

"We are excited about the opportunity to consider and finalize plans for construction of a recreation complex for our residents and guests of our community to enjoy for decades to come,” said Fairview Heights Mayor Mark Kupsky.