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Mattoon Service Center Ext 04
Mattoon Service Center - Ext 03
Mattoon Service Center - Int 06
Mattoon Service Center - Int 10
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Mattoon Service Center - Int 39
Mattoon Service Center - Int 54

Mattoon Service Center

In 2019, Farnsworth Group undertook the design of a 50,000 SF office building, tailored to accommodate around 300 call center employees.

The site selection led us to the outskirts of Mattoon, where the building found its place amidst the backdrop of lush farmland. This choice allowed us to fulfill the client's vision of preserving the immediate vicinity while allowing native prairie grasses and indigenous plant species to flourish across the surrounding landscape.

The two-story exterior of the structure was elegantly clad in simulated wood panels, providing not only durability but also ease of maintenance, while radiating a welcoming, natural ambiance. Almost entirely enveloped in glass, the building's side and rear gracefully mirrored the encompassing countryside and the vast expanse of the prairie skies.

Stepping inside, one would discover a spacious 3,000 SF break room, ingeniously designed to transform into multiple meeting spaces as needed. The interior layout also included a game room, an open office workspace, individual offices, generous 20-person conference rooms, and cozy huddle areas, fostering employee collaboration. The interior finishes seamlessly combined the elements of nature with a modern aesthetic, creating a harmonious and inviting atmosphere.