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Pipeline Commissioning Plan Provides Successful Flow of Natural Gas Liquids

Farnsworth Group assisted with the development of commissioning and hydrostatic test plans for a new 16-Inch / 8-Inch system. The two-section pipeline allows for the shipment of natural gas liquids (NGLs) throughout the Midwest. Farnsworth Group developed high-level facility and mainline fill plans for over 50 miles of new piping, as well as developed first-operations plans for several new mainline pump units, provers, meters, control valves, sumps, DRA skids, and a new large floating roof storage tank. The six commissioning plans and two hydrostatic test plans were used in the construction bid process, and were refined during the construction phase to optimize tap and vent locations prior to starting major construction fabrication. Farnsworth Group's engineers were on site during the field execution of the hydrostatic tests, as well as the first product fill of the pipelines. Commissioning of the pipelines included nitrogen purging / blanketing prior to product fill. Final commissioning of the system concluded with the successful movement of the first barrels.