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Utica Build Out
Utica Build Out

Commissioning of a Pipeline to Transport Natural Gas Liquids (NGL)

Farnsworth Group assisted with the development of commissioning and hydrostatic test plans for the Utica Build-Out projects. The goal of these projects was to transport Utica natural gas liquids (NGL). Some of the projects included: 

  • Expansion of three existing pipeline systems
  • A major facility expansion
  • Three minor facility expansions
  • Installation of a new 49-mile long 12-IN pipeline from Harpster, Ohio to Lima, Ohio.

Farnsworth Group teamed with the client during conceptual engineering of the project to begin developing high-level facility and mainline fill plans. These plans included first-operations plans for several new mainline pump units, provers, meters, control valves, sumps, DRA skids, and new large floating roof storage tanks. In total, 13 commissioning plans and a hydrostatic test plan were developed. We also assisted with the field engineering of the commissioning and hydrostatic test work - acting as liaison between project contractors and the client. Once the commissioning was completed, the movement of additional barrels began to flow across the expanded system.