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Serving the Village of Metamora Since 1959

Farnsworth Group has served as Village Engineer for Metamora since 1959. The Village has appreciated Farnsworth Group’s ability to provide full-service engineering capabilities, as well as architecture services when needed. 

In addition, we have been a valued partner to Metamora’s community and its municipal staff and are always available to meet with constituents, council members and attend regular council meetings. Our work includes:

  • Public and Board coordination and meetings
  • Civil infrastructure project design and review
  • Residential and commercial development site review
  • Drainage design and review
  • Grant, loan and funding project coordination, and
  • MFT projects.

During the past 55+ years, Farnsworth Group has provided nearly every service our firm offers, we are proud to call Metamora our client and to be viewed as that community’s trusted advisor for all of their engineering needs. 


  • MFT and Non-MFT Overlays
  • Coal Bank Road Reconstruction
  • Deerfield Road
  • Washington Street Intersection
  • Traffic Impact Studies
  • Annual MFT Street Maintenance (crack filling, spray patching, seal coating)

Site Plans & Reviews

  • Plan Reviews for Commercial and Residential Subdivisions
  • Snyder Village Retirement Community Plan
  • High School and Grade School Improvements
  • Championship Golf Course and Associated Development

Water / Wastewater / Stormwater

  • North and South Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Various Pump Stations
  • Complete Village-wide Sanitary Sewer System
  • Water Treatment Plant and SCADA System
  • Elevated and Ground Water Storage Tanks
  • Various Wells and Distribution System Improvements
  • Various Storm Sewer and Storm Water Management Systems
  • Large Culvert Replacement Projects
  • “Green” Infrastructure Design for the Wastewater Treatment Plant and Re-use for Golf Course Irrigation
  • NPDES Permitting

Recreational Facilities

  • Black Partridge Park Improvements
  • Lincoln Circuit Bike Trail
  • Aquatic Swimming Pool Center
  • Downtown Street Lighting