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Children's Hospital Colorado

Southern Colorado's First Children's Hospital

Farnsworth Group was selected as the Owner’s Commissioning Authority for this new hospital in Colorado Springs that will be located on the Memorial North Campus. Our scope of services includes commissioning of traditional mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems, as well as hospital unique systems such as medical gas, sterilization, emergency power systems, electrical power distribution, and isolation pressurization.

Our approach focuses on developing relationships with the Owner and Operations staff to properly understand the Owner’s Project Requirements and components that will lead to the long-term operational success of the facility. Children’s Hospital has elected to use the Integrated Design Process with most members of the design and construction team on board early on in the design. This approach lends itself to long-term success of the commissioning process where we are able to develop relationships, trust, and rapport with the Owner, the design team, and the construction team.

Our services will extend from pre-design services through design, construction, acceptance, and warranty.