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north branch bridge

Stormwater Project Aims to Protect City

Farnsworth Group, along with several subconsultants, studied and prepared conceptual plans for the future development of the Boneyard Creek North Branch Improvements and Oak Ash Detention Basin expansion.  The primary objective of the study is to provide protection to the City of Champaign from the 1% annual chance storm event (100 year) along the Boneyard Creek from University Avenue upstream to the diversion structure at Neil Street.  Secondary goals of the project include creating a healthy stream environment, developing a community amenity in the creek and surrounding floodplain area, supporting economic development, and maintaining and improving traffic circulation.  Alleviating flooding, preventing bank erosion, and enhancing stormwater conveyance are also key objectives in the project.

Farnsworth Group will be presenting the City of Champaign this Fall 2016 with conceptual design plans of several alternatives and options at key locations along the Creek, including at the railroad crossing, the Oak Ash Detention Basin, and the Bristol Place detention basin.  Once the City reviews the conceptual plans, Farnsworth Group will begin working on the Preliminary Design Phase and more detailed cost estimates of the Boneyard Creek North Branch Improvements with the subconsultants.  All channel design, permitting, detention calculations, and best management practices design are being provided by Farnsworth Group.