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Strategic Plan Informed by Facility Assessments

Our team of engineers, architects and facility managers reviewed more than 22 buildings (over 522,000 SF) to establish a Facilities Strategic Plan for the City of Boulder’s Parks and Recreation Department.

Using the BUILDER™ Sustainment Management System (SMS), Farnsworth Group recorded inventory information for thousands of components across all major building systems. Each component was assessed, noting functional, safety/hazard, and code compliance deficiencies. In addition, our team of assessors provided recommended actions to ameliorate each deficiency. 

Using the software, cost estimates, long-term investment plans and work planning and modeling were provided to the City for budgeting purposes. In addition to the condition assessments for each property, total cost of ownership was calculated based on energy use, ADA analysis was performed, energy conservation measures were identified and space utilization assessments were completed. The team particularly focused on the three recreation centers and provided comprehensive Operations, Maintenance and Management Plans.


Additional features include:

  • BUILDER™ Sustainment Management System software was used and implemented throughout the project to provide graphic representations of all of the data collected; software also looked at 5, 10 and 15 year maintenance plans
  • Buildings included recreation centers with natatoriums, senior centers, fire stations, maintenance facilities, libraries, public safety and other municipal facilities that were managed and maintenance by Boulder’s Facilities and Asset Management Department

The report and work plans developed by Farnsworth Group are currently, and will continue to be, dynamic documents for our department; integral to our understanding of what we need to do to continue to provide the high-quality experience that is expected by users of our facilities.  Mitch and his team fulfilled or exceed expectations at every phase of the work for this project.

Doug Godfrey, PLA, Parks PlannerCity of Boulder Parks and Recreation Department