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Arnold Avenue Bridge

Survey Team Supports Prime for SUE

Farnsworth Group provided survey and SUE services as a subconsultant to the Prime firm.

Our role included topographic survey of the roadway, bridge, channel and surrounding area, right-of-way mapping and coordinating all subsurface utility locations to Quality Level (QL) B standards. We provided on-site observation of Phase 1 utility location data acquisition and analyzed the collected data against historical utility maps and as-builts. Discrepancies and data gaps were recommended for Phase 2 exploration, with test holes required in order to meet Quality Level A guidelines.

Underground utility mapping was compiled based on Quality Level D “as-built” drawings from the utility providers. This was refined with field survey of above ground features and utility markings by a utility location subcontractor. As the design progressed, Farnsworth Group prepared Quality Level B mapping within the excavation footprint. The Quality Level B investigation was completed in early 2019 and the initial QL B Report was submitted in April of 2019. Quality Level A utility mapping included 13 potholes to determine precise locations near conflicts with proposed construction. The Quality Level A investigation was performed following completion of the Preliminary Design to identify all utility conflicts. The Quality Level A investigation, test hole excavation, was completed in 2020 and the Final SUE Report was submitted in June of 2020.

Arnold Avenue Bridge
Existing bridge structure to be addressed by this project.

We were also tasked with creating right-of-way plans and easement parcels for the construction of the newly designed bridge. This required title research, additional field work, and boundary analysis. In addition, we were asked to create off-site conservation easements for an endangered species, the Preble’s Meadow Jumping Mouse, because its habitat will be impacted by the construction of the new bridge.

(images capture existing conditions)