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Staunton State Park
Staunton State Park
Staunton State Park

Legacy Entrusted to Master Planning Team

Through a legacy, Colorado was entrusted to use this beautiful Colorado land to enjoy, protect and treasure as its original owner did.

As part of the master planning team for Colorado State Parks, our portion of work included infrastructure.  In a phased project, the master plan was completed in 2010, with additional phases added until the opening in May 2013. 

Phase 1 included approximately 8,500 feet of roadway construction, parking lots, 2,700 feet of waterlines, a septic system, drainage improvements and erosion and sediment control for the area assigned to the first phase.

Additional features include:

  • Groundwater wells supply the Park with raw water and Farnsworth Group designed a water treatment plant to treat the raw water to ensure potability.
  • The Visitor Center uses a septic system due to the rocky terrain