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Natural Gas Interconnect
Natural Gas Interconnect

Natural Gas Pipeline Interconnect Projects

Farnsworth Group has provided professional services for more than 130 natural gas pipeline interconnect projects across the Midwestern United States.  The interconnecting parties vary from small independent producers to interstate pipeline operators, with operational demand ranging from small volume production loads to very large custody transfer points between transmission pipelines. Many of the projects are also delivery points to the end users, such as manufacturing facilities and gas-fired power generation plants.

Typical facilities include the mainline tap valve, lateral line, metering facilities, electronic flow measurement, and communications equipment.  The interconnecting lateral lines range from just a few feet, to multi-mile pipelines 
requiring pigging facilities at each end.  In addition, some projects require pressure regulation, volumetric flow control, and gas quality analysis equipment such as samplers, analyzers, and gas chromatographs. Production interconnects typically also involve the use of corrosion sampling equipment, along with pressure protection devices such as relief valves and automated OPP shut-off valves.

Farnsworth Group’s multi-discipline team of professionals typically provide a wide range of services, including some or all of the following; feasibility evaluations, cost estimating, detailed civil, mechanical, electrical, and controls engineering design, project scheduling, project management, and construction observation.  Additionally, our understanding of the industry also means we are often involved in customer meetings between the interconnecting parties.  Our survey team is also integral to the success of these projects, as they can provide cadastral and right-of-way surveys, topographic surveys, environmental and construction staking, and as-built surveys of the installed facilities.  For property and easement acquisition, we also prepare ALTA and title surveys, subdivisions, and right-of-way dedication plats, as well as exhibits and legal descriptions for deed conveyances.